Behind every good man is an even better woman, and behind every gay man is Olivia Bergmann! After finding out her fiancé is gay, Liv decides to put her lifelong talents to the test, and goes into business as the premiere gay matchmaking service in Los Angeles. Liv manages her successful company with help from her sassy, straight-talking childhood gay-bestie, Nathan. Life is good, until one day Liv is introduced to a new client, Jeremy. Liv is undeniably attracted to Jeremy, but is it because he’s going to become her new bestie or her new boyfriend?

Set to premiere in September 2015, Liv, Out Loud! is a fresh and funny take on love, romance, and the forever celebrated relationship between a gay man and his best girl friend!

Meet Creator and Lead Actress: Ashley Gianni


Originally from the infamous state of New Jersey, Ashley is an Italian Jew – a pizza bagel – raised among the women of the Real Housewives, so naturally Ashley has killer wit, sass, and is a little cray-cray! Ashley has been performing ever since her theatrical debut in the Kindergarten Follies, and went on to graduate with a BFA in Theatre Performance from Chapman University. She performs standup regularly at The Comedy Story, The Jon Lovitz Comedy Club, Flappers, and elsewhere.

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Meet Our Leading Man: Mario César Batres


Mario grew up outside of Houston, Texas, where the combination of a beautifully budding theater district and Batman movies led him to pursue a career in performance. He graduated from Northwestern University after studying theater, and went on to play big roles in Los Angeles like Atlanta-Falcon-Fan-on-the-Couch and Afghani-Citizen-on-Bike. Mario is absolutely THRILLED to be a part of something that is being built from the ground up! He’s so happy to be a part of this team in any way, let alone as a member of the cast, and he cant wait for the entirety of the internet to join in on the fun!

Meet Scott: Danny Tamberelli

Danny Tamberelli is a writer, actor, producer and co-creator of ManBoobs Sketch Comedy and has been in the film and television industry for over 25 years. He got his start on the cult series “The Adventures of Pete & Pete” where he played “Little Pete”, the comic relief in the show. He starred in the sketch comedy series “All That”, which he was credited as a cast member as well as a writer. Danny is currently partnered with Funny or Die, College Humor as well as a Feral Audio podcast, “The Adventures of Danny and Mike”